Exciting day trips to Dresden’s surroundings

Travelling information in the surrounding areas


Meissen & Porcelain Manufactory

The town of Meissen is internationally famous for the production of Meissen porcelain, the first porcelain in Europe since the 1708th. The city’s name with “double-s” is a registered trademark of the National Meissen porcelain manufactory. The city of Meissen – 25 km northwest of Dresden – is located at the River Elbe and the tributary, the Triebisch. Economically was Meissen a long time determined by the cloth-making. But they came to a virtual standstill because the Thirty Years’ War. In 1710 under the leadership of Augustus the Strong opened the porcelain factory, which put new impulses.

Arriving by car: 45 minutes
Arriving by public transport: 40 minutes


Saxon Switzerland, fortress Königstein and bastion

saechsische-schweiz A fairy tale of stone – the stunning landscape with the bizarre sandstone, steep rock formations and majestic Mountain is pure romance. Along the river Elbe are idyllic villages and small towns. Even famous artists who were inspired by the picturesque rocky worlds of the Elbe sandstone. These and other objectives, for example the Basteibrücke, the rock stage of Rathen, the fortress Königstein, a ride on the historic paddle steamer or by bike on the Elbe bikeway worth a journey into a landscape that is unparalleled in Europe.

Arriving by car: 45 minutes
Arriving by public transport: 40 minutes



Moritzburg hunting lodge

Moritzburg is a commune in Saxony, which until 1934 the name Moritzburg Eisenberg wore. The most famous attraction of Moritzburg is the hunting castle. The palace is surrounded by water with four round towers is equipped with baroque interior decoration from the time of Augustus the Strong. The treasures include gilded leather hangings in the 17th Century. In the castle there are state rooms with paint and ceremonial furniture, Augsburg silver furniture, Chinese, Japanese and Meissen porcelain as well as hunting weapons. In the Stone Hall is the collection of antlers, painting exhibited in the billiard room of de Silvestre and in the entrance hall is a collection of state carriages. The features of many rooms is dedicated courtly hunt. The collection of red deer antlers is one of the most important worldwide. In the “Monströsensaal” are 39 malformed antlers, including the famous 66-Ender, the 19,8 kg weight with the heaviest antlers in the world. The chapel is equipped with elegant stucco and sandstone decoration, ceiling paintings, altar and a royal box.

Arriving by car: 29 minutes



Vineyards Radebeul & Castle Wackerbarth

Radebeul has many charming faces. The city between the Elbe and the vineyards is the heart of the Saxon wine route between Pirna and Diesbar-Seusslitz. The wine-growing part belongs to a 800-year tradition and is one of the finest in Europe. Small and large wineries, such as the winery Wackerbarth or the wine museum Hoflößnitz continue this tradition. The best impressions you will see on a walk on the Saxon wine trail or by a ride on the 125-year old steam-powered “Lößnitzgrundbahn”.

Arriving by car: 30 minutes
Arriving by public transport: 25 minutes




A trip to Bautzen is worth every season. A special attraction for visitors is the Easter season, when the city and the region, many customs are maintained. The highlight is the impressive processions of Sorbian Easter riders. Bautzen is the center of the “Oberlausitz”. The uniqueness of the city derives from the diversity of charms. Bautzen has an interesting culture life of German and Sorbian and a varied tourist surrounding countryside.

Arriving by car: 52 minutes



Wood Art in Seiffen

The toy village Seiffen is known internationally of the traditional wood art production, baroque round church and the mining past. If you are interested in history and culture, and a lover of Seiffen typical crafts and products, you can plan a individual vacation. Also nature lovers, active vacationers and families will keep Seiffen with numerous attractions and the wonderful scenic location with good memories.

Arriving by car: 90 minutes