The History of our hotel


Historie Hotel Dresden The building was built in 1891 as community centre with economics in the ground floor, pension in the upper floors and horse boxes in the backyard and named „ Zum Deutschen Sport“.
Citizens and bums, kale and bicycles, ladies in pink and Florentine as well as redneck, everything possessed of the fever, turned after the horse running to the “Inn” and celebrated the „large intake“ and the “place and victory bet”.
At the end of 1988 began the planning for the renovation of the house as well as for the change of the restaurant to a more demanding restaurant. On 1. April 1990 was closed and renovated eagerly, so that at the 1. October 1991 the reopening took place, as restaurant „Zum Deutschen Sport“. The upper floor of the house was reorganized.

Historie Rennbahn Dresden On 1. April 1994 opening the hotel with 22 comfortable rooms and renaming to Hotel & Restaurant „An der Rennbahn”.

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