The experience of Dresden and points of interest

Sights in Dresden

Großer Garten Dresden

Großer Garten

Distance from hotel: 1 km

Garden art and culture have a centuries old tradition in the Saxon capital. Of the many parks in the city, the “Großer Garten” is the most beautiful. Although the time of the royal festivities are long gone, today you can listen classical music on summer nights and enjoy fireworks.
Also popular is the “Großer Garten” for cyclists, skaters and walkers.

Walk: 15 minutes



Distance from hotel: 4,5 km

Frauenkirche Dresden The Frauenkirche Dresden had history of thousand years. The dome was built in the 18th Century from the famous George Bähr who influenced the city of Dresden two hundred years. Shortly before the end of the second world war, the church was destroyed. The ruin was left as a memorial in the heart of the city. Many people in and outside of Dresden believe that the Frauenkirche must be rebuilt. But it took 45 years until this rebuilding was happening. A full 60 years had to pass before the Frauenkirche was open as a baroque beauty of the gates for the people. On 30. October 2005, the reconstruction of the church was completed.

10 minutes by car
20 minutes by bus and tram


asisi Panometer Dresden

asisi Panometer Dresden

Distance from hotel: 700 meters

A journey to Dresden at the prime. Yadegar Asisi placed in a 360 degree panoramic view of the baroque time of Dresden to focus on the life at the Saxon court and the daily lives of citizens, shopkeepers, fishermen’s, domestic servants and artisans. We see Tsar Peter I, the inventor of the porcelain Böttger, Johann Sebastian Bach, or the court jester Joseph Fröhlich. You can also see the arrival of the “Sixtinischen Madonna” in 1754. Forgotten everyday episodes with washerwomen on the river, litter-bearers and comedians on the courts and more take the panorama into a tangible art space that era.
To asisi website.

Walk: 10 minutes


Schloß Pillnitz Dresden


Distance from hotel: 6 km

The Pillnitz castle is an extraordinary ensemble of architecture and garden design, added to the riverside front of the vineyard of the Elbe valley. Under the influence of the East Asian fashion in the early 18th century was construction the foundation stone for the water and mountain palace for a major chinoisen architectures Europe down. Even today, the transformation to the summer residence of the Saxon monarchy is impressive.

By car in 11 minutes
By bus and tram: 25 minutes


Pferderennbahn Dresden

Racecourse Dresden

Distance from hotel: 300 meters

There are horseracing events at the Seidnitzer racecourse since 1890. The special atmosphere, the elegance of the horses, the park like surroundings and the family friendly events is attract every year more than 60,000 visitors to the traditional sport facilities. The place is a green oasis about 430,000 m² in the big city and offers an exciting high performance of sport and best condition for rest and relaxing. The gastronomic, interesting betting opportunities or may activities for children, support an exciting stay on a race day. To Racecourse Website.

Walk: 5 minutes